UnionCam Manager 3.4

UnionCam Manager is a IP camera software which can support 64 cameras at the same time, including Network camera, USB camera, capture card, and PC desktop etc. It can keep an eye on your home from anywhere, turning your PC into a video surveillance system, remote controlling your IP camera via pan tilt zoom and preset function.

This webcam software can also broadcast live camera video on internet and your website with standard Flash stream or windows media stream, RTSP stream etc. It can also support video motion detect and audio detect for Email alerts and recording, standard MP4, MOV, ASF, WMV, FLV, AVI, MKV recording files.

Other features include perfect user and password login management, Log information query, exporting software settings, electronic map displaying.

Supported IP Camera List

Detailed Help Document
  • You can view the camera channel video from mobile phone, such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc.
  • This ip camera software can support 64 channel video and 64 channel audio at most, each channel is independently.
  • Pan tilt zoom control many network cameras, and support some camera's preset function.
  • Broadcast your camera video and audio to internet, help you to create a simple web pages.
  • Automatically search the IP cameras in local network.
  • You can arbitrarily drag the window of program to change size or position.
  • You can use the digital-PTZ function as a magnifier, mouse wheel and mouse draging is easy to use.
  • You can add Soft-OSD information to the raw camera video stream and record to files, this will save more cpu resource!
  • Automatically search ONVIF IP cameras in local network.
  • Add ONVIF IP camera supporting in ver2.3
  • Add SSL, TSL, STARTTLS function for Email in ver2.5
  • Add Multi-Language version in ver2.6
  • Add RTSP over HTTP server in ver2.7
  • Add SFTP function for FTP uploading in ver2.8
  • Add Watch Dog function, and automatically upgrade function in ver3.0
  • Add HTML5 supporting function in ver3.0, so you can use Google Chrome to view MP4 stream.
  • Add talk function (two-way audio) with Foscam, Instar IP camera in ver3.1
  • Add P2P IP camera supporting in ver3.2
  • Add FTP uploading record files when video moving in ver3.3
  • Add computer vision algorithms for motion detection in ver3.3
  • Corrected 0 channels issue, add draging window to change channel sequence function in ver3.4