1.  The new firmware of Foscam FI9821W and FI9805W ip cameras have no data port, how to setup in      UnionCam Manager?

If you use the old firmware version of FI9821, you can select "FI9821W - Old Mode" in this ip camera software, and config the right data port. If you upgrade the firmware to new vresion, you can select "FI9821W, FI9818W, FI9802W, FI9805W, FI8608W" in our software, and config the right web port and user name, password ! Then OK.
2.  How to start the login function of the web server, then anyone need a password to login and view the      channel video of UnionCam Manager from remote!

You need to enter the system setup dialog, enable the web server login selection and save. Then enter the user setup dialog, input a user name and password, enable the "Remote" right for this user! and add this user to list.