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UnionCam Manager
UnionCam Manager is a IP camera software which can support 64 cameras at the same time, including Network camera, USB camera, capture card, and PC desktop etc. It can keep an eye on your home from anywhere, turning your PC into a video surveillance system, remote controlling your IP camera via pan tilt zoom and preset function. This webcam software can also broadcast live camera video on internet and your website with standard Flash stream or windows media stream, RTSP stream etc. It can also support video motion detect and audio detect for Email alerts and recording, standard MP4, MOV, ASF, WMV, FLV, AVI, MKV recording files. Other features include perfect user and password login management, Log information query, exporting software settings, electronic map displaying.
When you start UnionCam Manager software, you can view the main GUI like the above picture. The left is video displaying region, the right is toolbar region. You can hide or show the toolbar region at any time. Maximize the GUI to fit your screen, hide the program to windows tray, or arbitrarily change the GUI size via dragging. Exit the program and back to window desktop.
1.       You need to configure some cameras in this software, select "camera List" menu in main GUI, and add some camera to camera list.
2.       You need to configure the record directory, select "Record Setup" menu in main GUI, and click "Record Parameter" Then you can add some path to our "Record Path List"
3.       This software has three kinds of record method. You can directly click the record icon in each video channel to start or stop the manual record. The scheduled record and motion record is located at "Record Setup" menu.
When you download this software, and run at first, you will view the following registration dialog:
You can click "Trial Version" button to freely test in 30 days! After you purchase this software and get the license code, you can input the code to this dialog, and click "Register Online" button, then it will show the channels capability to you and become to the full version. This registration dialog will not been displayed when program start.
If you need to change the license code or register again, you can select "Tools" menu and click "License" button, then it will show you this registration dialog again, you can re-input your license code, and click "Register Online" button again!
In our main GUI, you can view the following toolbar region:
There are 10 menus to be displayed, including all setup dialogs. You can click a menu to display and switch. Such as you need to configure the record parameters, you can click "Record Setup" menu, then it will hide the other menu contents and only display the record menu contents. If you need to PTZ control some network camera, you can click "Camera PTZ" menu, then it will hide the record menu contents and only display the camera PTZ menu contents!
You also can click the "Hide Toolbar" button to hide this toolbar, or restore this toolbar displaying. This button is located at the left of this toolbar.
  will hide the toolbar.          will restore the toolbar displaying.
1.   Camera List
When you select camera list page, you can view the following user interface:
The camera list will display all cameras which have been configured. You can add USB camera, network camera, or remote UnionCam Manager program to this list.
When you click button, you can view the following menu:
You also can click the right mouse on "Camera" in list, such as:
Then this add camera list will be displayed also.
The button is "Move Up" you can select a camera in list, then click this button to move this camera up in list.
The button is "Move Down" you can select a camera in list, then click this button to move this camera down in list.
When you click the right mouse on a camera in list, it will pop up a menu:
You can delete this camera from list, or duplicate a same camera to list. Activate a camera in list or Inactivate a camera in list. If you want to change some settings for a camera, or view the detailed settings of this camera, you can select "Property" in menu.
Our software will set a default name "CH01" to a new add camera, but you can change this name in camera list.
1) Add USB Camera:
You can select a video source from list, and select a audio source from list. If you have some capture card, you must install a WDM driver for it at first, then you can view this device in video source list. If you have some camcorder, you can connect to your PC at first, then restart our software and view this device in list.
2) Add Network IP Camera:
If your IP camera is located at local network, not connected from internet, you can use our "Search in LAN" function. Now our software can support some IP camera's automatically searching function. You need to select the camera manufactory in list, then click "Search" button. If your network camera can be listed with IP and port, you can click it to setup.
You also can directly select a camera in list and configure it manually, select the camera manufactory at first, then select the detailed model in list, our software will set the default parameter for you. But you need to change some parameters to fit your camera settings.
3) Add Remote UnionCam Manager:
Our UnionCam manager program can connect another UnionCam manager program to view it's channel video from remote. So this program is a network client, and also are network server. So you can build a huge video surveillance system with this IP camera software.
2.       Switch Window
This software has setup 20 kinds of video window displaying mode. The left 10 buttons is 4:3 display mode, the right 10 buttons is 16:9 display mode.
This button is for "Page Up" function, so you can view the video channel window page by page.
This button is for "Page Down" function, so you can view the video channel window page by page.
This button is for "Snapshot" function, you can get the current focused channel's jpeg picture in recording directory.
When you click these buttons to change the display window, each channel's digital zoom function will be restored to original!
3.       Camera PTZ
The camera PTZ page can pan tilt zoom and preset control the current focused channel camera. Now the USB or local camera have no this function! Only for network camera which support these function.
 Pan camera to left.
 Pan camera to right.
 Tilt camera to up.
 Tilt camera to down.
 Zoom camera to near.
 Zoom camera to far.
 IR on
 IR off
 Move the camera to home position or auto moving.
 Renew the camera preset list.
If your camera support preset function, you can use this software to automatically go to the preset camera position every a gap second such as 10 seconds etc.
PTZ position is a camera position list. 1,2,3,4,5,6 is moving camera to position 1, then stop 10 seconds in this position, then moving camera to position 2 etc. Once it finished this list, one PTZ cycle is ok. You can change the PTZ cycle at anytime! It will stop the automatically preset moving when this parameter is 0.
4.       Image Adjust
You can change the camera video color in this page, including USB cameras, and some IP cameras.
*  Video Brightness
  Video Contrast
  Video Saturation
  Video Hue
The default button is for restoring the camera video color to default status.
5.       Network Broadcast
If you want to broadcast your camera video on your website, you can use this page to create some html web pages, and copy these files to your website! Anyone can visit this webpage to view your camera video online!
You can broadcast your camera video on LAN or internet. You can click "Check IP Address" button to get your current internet IP address. If you use DSL to reach internet, or other method which will change internet IP address often, you need to update these web pages continuously. So you can use our DDNS function to create broadcasting files if you setup a DDNS domain in system setup dialog.
1) ActiveX Viewer Broadcast
This viewer mode can view many channel's video on one webpage at the same time. But you need to install this ActiveX at the first time. And this viewer can only be supported in IE browser. Firefox or Safari can not support it. In this webpage, you can click "Setup" button to configure the port and viewing channels etc.
2) Win Player Viewer Broadcast
This viewer will use Windows Media Player to view our channel video. You must install windows media player at first on your PC. And you must set the record mode of this channel to ASF or WMV. Then you can use Win Player viewer to view this channel video and audio from remote!
3) QuickTime Viewer Broadcast
This viewer will use QuickTime Player to view our channel video. You must install QuickTime Player at first on your PC. And you must set the record mode of this channel to MP4 or MOV. It will connect to our RTSP server to get audio and video stream.
4) RealPlayer Viewer Broadcast
This viewer will use RealPlayer to view our channel video. You must install RealPlayer at first on your PC. And you must set the record mode of this channel to MP4 or MOV. It will connect to our RTSP server to get audio and video stream.
5) Flash Viewer Broadcast
This viewer will use Flash player to view our channel video. You must install Flash Player at first on your PC. And you must set the record mode of remote channel is FLV.
6) Simple Jpeg Broadcast
This viewer will get the jpeg picture from our software continuously, so it can only support video not audio.
All these broadcasting mode need you to map the web server port 80 and RTSP server port 554 of this program on your router for your PC.
6.       Record Setup
Record setup dialog have 5 settings in it.
1) Scheduled Record
If you want to start the recording function and end the recording via a timetable, you can start the scheduled record. Such as you need to record in work time.
The beginning time must less than the ending time, otherwise it is an inactivated time. If you enabled the scheduled record item, this program will check these two time segments continuously.
2) Motion Record
If you want to start the recording according to video motion, you can start the motion record. You can use "Motion Test" button to test a suitable motion sensitivity value to fit your video condition. It will be more easy to trigger the video motion if this value is more smaller.
This function include the pre-recording function, you can set the pre-record time from "Recording Time before Motion". But this function need more CPU resource! There is no pre-recording if this parameter is 0.
3) Record Parameter
When you install our software and run at first time, you need to setup the recording path!
This software can support Soft-OSD function in MKV, MP4, AVI record file format. So if this program receive H264 or Mpeg4 video stream from a IP camera, it can directly save these raw video stream to the record files, and don't need to re-encode video, the record file still have OSD information. The Hard-OSD mode is embedding the OSD information to video, and encoding this video to stream.
4) Scheduled FTP
5) Email and FTP alerts
7.       System Setup
This page has some system setup.
1) Start Mode
When the program starting, it can display some channels video window, you can select to display 1 channel, 4 channels, 16 channels etc. And you can select the program hide to tray, or minimize, or full screen, or normally display. When you enable the "Multi-Monitor" item, software can support multi-monitor, so you can move this software from one monitor to another monitor. Otherwise, it can only be displayed in first monitor.
2) Display Next Page Every
Such as you only display one channel in window, and you want to automatically switch to next channel every 5 seconds, so you can select a switch gap.
3) Web Server Port
This software have embedded a web server in it, so you can use IE browser or Firefox, Safari browser to view the channel video from remote. You can change the web server port to avoid port conflicting. You also can enable or disable the web server need to login function.
4) RTSP Server Port
This Software have embedded a RTSP server in it, so you can use QuickTime player or RealPlayer or VLC player to view the channel video from remote. Such as:
You also can change the default RTSP port from 554 to others. And enable the login function for RTSP server.
This software can support DDNS function, so you can apply a user name, password and domain from: dyndns.com, dyndns.us, changeip.com, no-ip.com, then input these information to this dialog and save. Then this software can host this domain for you! And you can use this domain to visit our software from remote. This is very usefully for your dynamic internet IP.
8.       User Setup
When you install and run this network camera software, no user have been add to user list. So you don't need to login when you start this program.
If you need to protect your software, you need to create a user to list. Input the user name and password, select the rights of this user, then click "Add" button. After you finish to edit the user list, please click "Save" button to save these settings!
If you locked this software or start this software after add some users, you can view the following login dialog:
Input a user to login, then this software will provide all rights of this user to you. The "Administrator" right has included all right of this software, so this user can create other user in the user list. The user can only change his personal password in user setup page if he have no "Administrator" right.
9.       Tools
The tools page has 5 functions in it.
1) Mute Audio Out
If you don't need to hear from any cameras, you can enable this item to mute audio out. This selection will not influence the record files.
2) License
If you want to change the license code and register again, or upgrade the channels capability from UnionCam and register again, you can click "License" button, and re-input your license code to register online.
3) Export Settings
You can click this button to export the current settings of program to a file, then save this file to your drive. After you download the newest version and upgrade, you can import the old settings from this file. This can avoid you to setup your camera one by one again.
4) Import Settings
When you click this button, you can select a configure file to import. After you finish this and restart program, you can restore the old settings of our software.
5) Log Info
When you click the "Log Info" button, you can search the Software's running log in the following dialog:
Selecting a begin time and a end time at first, enable some log type, then click the search button, the log information will be displayed in above list.
10.  Software Information
The software information page will show you:
      1) Software version.
      2) Channels capability.
      3) Current login user.
      4) Company information and website.
      5) Copyright.
Control Button
In our main GUI, you can view the following control buttons:
There are 6 buttons to be displayed.
* You can click this button to exit this program.
 You can click this button to maximize the GUI to fit full screen, or restore the GUI to normal window.
 You can click this button to hide this program to system tray. If you double-click the system tray icon of this program with left mouse, it will restore the GUI window.
 When you click this button, it will lead you to visit our website's helps page, you can download the help PDF files or CHM file. And can view the help document online.
 When you click this button, it will lock the GUI, then anyone need to use a right password to login, otherwise he can not control the GUI of this program, only can view the camera video.
 This button is for all menu function, you can find all setup dialog of this software in this menu. The following picture is the main all menu:
The all menu have 6 sub-menus :
1) Camera List
You can add USB camera, Network camera or remote UnionCam Manager to software channel window.
2) Camera PTZ
You can Pan Tilt Zoom control the current focused channel camera.
3) Network Broadcast
You can create the broadcast webpage via 6 kinds of method.
4) Record
You can open the record parameter setup dialog, or scheduled record setup dialog, or motion record setup dialog, or scheduled FTP setup dialog, or Email and FTP alerts setup dialog. You also can use this menu to start all channel's manual recording or stop all channel's manual recording function.
5) Switch Window
You can switch the display window to display only one channel or four channels or sixty-four channels at the same time. And you can page up or page down the channel window displaying, snapshoting the current focused channel video to a jpeg picture.
6) Tools
There are 7 tools can be used in this menu. Open the log information dialog to search the program running logs. Import the old settings from a config file. Export the current settings to a config file. View or change the license code and register online again. Make your all video window to full screen displaying. Mute the software audio out.
You can drag the software window and change the window size, or move the software window position, In this GUI size menu, you can change the GUI size to a fixed size.
Video Window
This software can display 64 camera video at the same time, so it have 64 channel capability. One channel window can only display one camera video and one camera audio. Each channel is independently for each other. The following picture is one channel window:
You can double-click this video with left mouse to maximize this video or restore this video. And can right click mouse to make full screen for video window, or restore the GUI. You also can use the mouse wheel to magnify the partial video, and use the left mouse to drag the video. This function look like a digital magnifier.
For each channel, you can view the following control icon:
It will display the channel title or other channel information in the front, and six channel status buttons.
 This button can maximize this channel video or restore this video to normal. The function is same as double-click this video window with left mouse.
 This button can start a talk with this network camera or stop the talk.
 This button can snapshot a jpeg picture for this channel video. The jpeg picture will be placed at the current record path "Snapshot" directory.
* This button can enable this channel audio input or disable this channel audio input. If this channel audio input has been disabled, it will display this icon .
 This button can activate this channel or inactivate this channel. If this channel has been inactivated, it will display this icon . So you can click this button again to activate this channel. You can use this button to re-connect this camera, or disconnect this camera.
 This button can start or stop the manual record function! And can display the recording status of this channel. When the recording function is stated, this icon will flicker every second. When this icon flicker with , the manual recording is started. When this icon flicker with , the scheduled recording is started. When this icon flicker with , the motion recording is started. You can click this button to start the manual record, and click this button to stop the manual record.
The Emap function is in camera list page. When you click right mouse on Emap tree node like below picture, you can view the following menu to add a map.
You can select a JPG, BMP or GIF picture in your hard drive, then this picture will be add to the Emap list.
If you want to delete this map from list, you can click right mouse on this map tree node, then it will pop a delete map menu.
You can change the map name in list, click and click again on this map name.
When you double click left mouse on the map name in list, it will display this map for you like below:
Then you can drag a camera to this map at any position. Now the above picture have setup 4 camera in our list, so you can drag these four camera to any position in map.
When you click right mouse on these camera in map, it will pop up a menu to view or delete this camera from map. You can view each camera' status in this Emap function.